Dr. Loria In The Press

Dr. Victor Loria, D.O., of PENIS ENLARGEMENT SURGERY OF BOCA RATON, located in Boca Raton Florida, will provide free Penile Enlargement & Reconstructive surgery to any Wounded Veteran who has received Penile Trauma resulting in a deformity while providing heroic service for this great country.

Dr. Loria specializes in the PLATINUM METHOD – an acronym which stands for, “Penile enlargement using a Long Acting-filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials Method. This Technique is the latest cutting edge technology and least invasive Penile Enlargement procedure available today. To the best of Dr. Loria’s knowledge, no one in the U.S. is providing such a sophisticated procedure. This technique involves the insertion of Long Acting FDA Approved Filler Material into the Penis, with a minimally invasive technique involving NO Stitches, NO General Anesthesia, NO Scars, NO Silicone Implants, NO Suspensory Ligament cutting, and NO Traditional Surgery using Scalpels. Dr. Loria says the procedure will improve the quality of life for many of his patients and he wants to do the same for local veterans.

This is not only my pleasure to provide such a service, but a privilege and honor to serve those who serve and protect us."

Wounded Veterans must meet medically approved criteria which will be determined by speaking consulting with Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, or Allied Health Care Professionals providing such services.


Dr. Loria, is willing to dedicate his time and expertise in the surgical and cosmetic needs of qualified Wounded Warriors returning home from the battle fields. The services that Dr. Loria can provide include primarily (1) Hair Restoration surgery – which entails facial and neck hair reconstruction, scalp hair reconstruction, eyebrow hair reconstruction, and some assistance with scar revisions and reductions and (2) Penis Enlargement and Reconstructive Surgery – which entails reconstruction of the penile shaft due to tissue loss secondary to trauma or other sequela. The Glans Penis (or Head) can be reconstructed to a limited degree. Penile Length can be achieved in the flaccid state significantly, but marginally in the erect state…. Read More


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