The Loria Medical minimally invasive Penile Enlargement (Enhancement) Procedure is a permanent enlargement process developed to be safer than traditional surgery and is performed using a collagen Layering Activation filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials.









The “Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique”, a Penile enlargement using a Collagen Layering Activation Filler Techniques Involving New and Unique Materials, is primarily for Circumferential or Girth Enlargement of the Penis (this technique is also used for Scrotal Skin enhancement and reconstruction). This enlargement affects both the flaccid and erect states of the penis, the glans and the scrotum. Even though length gains have been seen, this is not consistent with each and every patient.

Dr. Loria at Loria Medical developed this technique for several reasons:

  • Certain FDA approved medications can be used off-label as long acting fillers in addition to other FDA approved medications. These purified, sterile, safe, high quality medications can be used Penis Enlargement, Glans Enlargement, and Scrotal Enhancement.
  • Is a safe and effective alternative penis enlargement treatment which is a simple injection of long acting filler materials under the penile skin


  • NO Cutting with a Scalpel
  • NO Scars
  • NO Stitches
  • NO General Anesthesia Risks
  • NO Invasive Surgery with Skin Implants
  • NO Invasive Surgery with Liposuction Fat Transfer
  • NO Invasive Surgery with an Alloderm Implant
  • NO Invasive Surgery with a Rubber-Silicone Prosthetic Implant
  • MUCH LOWER Risk of Infection, bleeding, complications, etc.
  • MUCH SHORTER Recovery and Healing Time
  • RESULTS Seen in 35-49 days….not years as seen in physical exercise methods
1. A topical numbing cream is placed on the genital area. As seen in the image.
2. After the area has been totally anesthetized, the doctor is then able to begin the multiple micro injection process using a small caliber needle.
3. The doctor is able to canvas the entire area, artfully sculpting the penile shaft, the glans and the scrotum as per the patient’s procedure plan.

Please note that the Silikon 1000 (or similar), seen above, is one of the potential fillers that can be used.

4. After the filler material has been injected into the skin layers of the penile shaft, the penis will become enlarged and the body will now begin to react to the filler formula to generate new collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes up a large percentage of the skin and connective tissues in general.

The image here, of the skin, will demonstrate where the collagen is located within the skin.

As the filler material induces the production of collagen, it will enhance and enlarge the skin as shown in the diagram. This collagen build-up is what is seen as the ‘penis enlargement’ change that occurs.

Before Collagen Build-Up

After Collagen Build-Up

5. A special wrap is placed around the penis.

The penile wrap is used as an aid to assist molding the newly formed collagen to create a more symmetrical and even shape to the penile shaft.

After the ENHANCEMENT PROCEDURE has been performed, which takes about 1 hour, the penile shaft is wrapped with gauze, stretch wrap and some other elements – as seen in the photo above – the patient will leave the office in this fashion. During the next 35-day recovery period, several re-wrappings will need to be done, mainly to monitor the healing process and tailor the post-procedure recovery process to the patient’s own need in addition to maintain the cleanliness of the genital area.

Results are seen about 35 days after the procedure. Even though a small percentage of the collagen formation still could occurs for up to 90-days, a majority of the results can be seen at around four weeks or less. A second procedure, or any other subsequent procedure, can be done as early as 5 weeks (35 days) after the previous one. Having a second procedure is for any men who knows that they want at least a large increase in circumference, those who have a set goal in mind or those how after experiencing the benefits from the male enhancement procedure, desire to continue enjoying the added increase in gains until satisfied. There are almost no limits on how many procedures patients could have.

The patient will need to wait about 5 weeks from the first procedure to have the second or any other subsequent treatment. Typically, 90% of the patients will gain ¾ to 1-inch, which is expected after the first treatment, and then an additional ¾ to 1-inch on the second treatment. Those patients who want over 2 inches in girth gains usually will need a third procedure depending on how quickly and efficiently the patient heals from the previous treatment repeating the process again if desired.



The physicians at Loria Medical use not only the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art medical techniques, but also continue to make innovative advancements providing cutting edge technology with continuous training and advanced techniques in the Penile Enlargement & Restoration field.

The Permanent Dermal Filler Method has many advantages over obsolete Penile Enlargement Surgical procedures performed by others, whether using a Silicone Implant Strip, Donor Skin Dermal Grafts (your skin or cadaveric source), Lipo-Suction and fat transfer, Vacuum devices, or untested alternative long acting and temporary fillers.

The Loria Medical physicians take great pride in offering their patients the latest in Male Enhancement Techniques using a Minimally Invasive Medical procedure. The Doctors use FDA Approved pharmaceutical materials in an off-label manner to provide exceptional results. These products are commonly used to enhance the cosmetics appearance in the face, hands, and other body areas. Loria Medical has optimized these permanent dermal fillers for use in the penile shaft, glans and scrotum. The filler formula is artfully and skillfully placed in such a fashion as to create an enlarged and symmetrical appealing penile sculpture.

After the Filler has been strategically placed, your body will react with the filler material to stimulate a reaction that will generate new collagen. After most of the filler is completely gone, your body will have built up a thick collagen layer, just like the rest of the collagen that is found in your own skin. The Permanent Dermal Filler Method allows your own body to synthesize its own collagen, thus being more natural than any other product on the market and much safer than traditional and in some cases obsolete surgical techniques currently performed today.

When it comes to Surgical procedures, such as Lipo- Suction and Fat transfer tissue, implanting some other person’s skin (Alloderm TM), or implanting artificial material (large hard Silicone rubber Sheets) in your Penis, there are numerous Surgical Risks that need to be understood and considered.

The Permanent Dermal Filler Method differs greatly from these more outdated Penile Enlargement Surgical procedures because it is your own collagen that will be produced, nothing foreign to your body.

When considering a Surgical Method for enlargement, for example, the insertion of a very large hard Silicone Rubber piece of material underneath the Penile Shaft skin to increase the girth, this usually involves general or regional anesthesia. The penile shaft or abdomen will also need to be surgically cut open to insert the large piece of hard Silicone Rubber along the penile shaft. Sutures are then placed to close the open wound. This material is relatively inert but may cause pressure on the skin resulting in irritation and penile skin ulceration. If this were to occur, the entire hard Silicone Rubber Implant would need to be removed.

Another Penile Enlargement Method very similar to the hard Silicone Rubber sheet insertion is a technique that uses another type of commercially available prosthetic called Alloderm™ or BelladermTM. The Alloderm dermal-matrix graft is surgically placed under the skin of the penile shaft. Alloderm is made from donor human skin (cadaveric source). The material is the skin minus the upper cells, leaving only the dermis or collagen portion of the skin.

Alloderm was approved by the FDA in the early 90’s and was used in a variety of surgical procedures including burn surgery, lip augmentation, nasal septum reconstruction, breast reconstruction, and other procedures. Considering this is a surgical process, you have the same risks with general or regional anesthesia and cutting. In addition, this skin is not permanent and will disintegrate into pieces over several years.

The Surgical method of Fat-Transfer has its own share of issues. The Fat graft may not take or simply die, it may form very large lumps, or just all settle down at the base of the penis (resulting in a ‘donut’ effect). In addition, general anesthesia and a much higher rate of infection are involved with this and all other Surgical procedures for that matter.

Dermal Grafts, or skin graphs taken from your own body are even more invasive. This Surgical technique involves cutting skin from your belly or buttocks area (which will need stitches to close, another surgical site that need to heal at the same time), and that skin is processed to remove the hair follicles. Next, your penile shaft is cut open, the Dermal Graft is sutured in, and then the penile skin is stitched back together. The physicians of Loria Medical do not feel these surgical methods are optimal and represent many risks. The surgical benefits and inherent risks that these procedures carry does not favor the patient in our educated opinion.

When considering any of these outdated Surgical methods, all of the factors must be considered and compared to the minimally invasive Permanent Dermal Filler Method..