Penile Shaft Girth Enlargement

Penile Shaft Girth Enhancement

The male enhancement specialists at Loria Medical provide penile enlargement and scrotal enlargement procedures as the answer to LEGS℠ – Low Erectile Girth Syndrome℠.

The penile girth involves the circumference or thickness of the penile shaft and glans (head of the penis – see separate procedure titled, ‘Penile Glans -or head of Penis- Enlargement for more details). The penis has two states, the flaccid (or soft), and the erect (or firm). The penile shaft and glans girth typically increase dramatically from the flaccid to erect states. The normal range of the flaccid girth or circumference is 3.5 to 4.5 inches. The normal range for the erect girth or circumference is 4.5 to 5 inches, plus or minus a quarter inch.


Traditional Surgical Methods 

Before discussing the minimally invasive medical permanent filler technique developed by Dr Loria, termed the Platinum Method, one must recognize that there are numerous traditional invasive surgical methods available such as inserting a large Rubber Silicone, Lipo-Suction transfer, Dermal-skin transfer, Alloderm or Belladerm implants, Prosthetic Implants, etc.

These surgical procedures carry with it surgical risks, possible infection, general anesthesia, and tissue damage risks. When one continues the ‘due diligence’ process, you will conclude that a minimally invasive approach is common sense wise, and logically much safer than any surgical procedure available.

These surgical procedures will not be discussed in any great detail on this website considering that Dr Loria feels that they are too risky and not worth elaborating upon.

It is worth noting at this time that penis pumps, a non-medical non-surgical method, does cause enlargement by temporarily swelling the penis (basically water build up), and typically lasts for 1-2 hours.

This method of penile girth enlargement is used by many men, however, this process is time consuming (pump time can range from 15 – 60 minutes), does not feel as natural (water build up make penis feel soft, not as firm), and is inconvenient (need to prepare for almost an hour before having intercourse).

However for those who prefer not having any medical procedure at all, this option is good.




At Loria Medical, Dr. Loria has developed a minimally invasive permanent filler medical technique called the Platinum Method. The Platinum Method or Procedure, is a technique that is used for Penile Shaft Girth Enlargement, Penile Shaft Flaccid lengthening, Penile Glans (Head of the Penis) Enlargement & Scrotal/Testicular Enhancement, and for corrective treatment.

This section will focus on the Platinum Method involving Penile Shaft Girth Enlargement.

The Platinum Method is without the use of General Anesthesia, without the need for Stitches, without the high risk for scaring and infection And is generally tolerated very well with minimal discomfort in most cases. The technique involves inserting a Collagen Layering Activation filler material into the Penis, just beneath the penile skin.

After the material has been inserted, your body will be stimulated to produce your own natural collagen. Collagen is a protein that your skin, tendons, and bones are made of.

This newly formed permanent collagen is what causes the Penile Shaft Girth to increase. This collagen is natural and permanent. For more information regarding the Platinum Method, go to the Procedures section and click on Platinum Method for more details.

The following Penile Models will demonstrate what the normal range of penile girth is typically, what penile girth range is recommended, and what is outside of the recommended penile girth range. All measurements are in inches and measure the circumference of the penile shaft.

Penis Models Normal & Recommended Girth (4 Models In View)

Penis Models Normal And Not Recommended Girth Range (4 Models In View)

Recommended Girth Circumferences


The Penile Shaft can ultimately be made quite large, of course needing many treatments to reach such goals. Dr Loria recommends a 6.5 to 7 inch girth circumference. This seems to be the most comfortable and most stimulating size for vaginal (and anal) intercourse, in addition to oral sex.

This circumferential size was ascertained by interviewing hundreds of patients and spouses/partners. It appears that when the penile girth size goes over 7.5 inches in circumference, some women (or men) find it either very pleasing/stimulating, or at certain times uncomfortable during penetration and/or oral sex.



Images titled ‘Flaccid before image 1’ and ‘Flaccid after image 2’ show an optimal gain in penile flaccid circumference. This patient originally started with a flaccid penile shaft girth of about 4 inches, and now is at approximately 6.5 inches. His erect penile girth is about 6.75 inches (photo not available).

The next set of images show another tremendous gain that may not be appropriate for all patients due to the sheer size and penetration issues that may come about. The images titled ‘Penile Flaccid size before treatment image 3’, ‘Penile Flaccid size before treatment image 4’ (showing two different before treatment flaccid views), ‘Penile Flaccid size after treatment image 5’, ‘Penile Erect size before treatment image 6’, and ‘Penile Erect size after treatment image 7’all show tremendous girth size changes in both, the penile flaccid and erect states.

Penis Models Normal Girth

Penis Models Normal Girth

Points to Keep in Mind With Penis Enlargement


Keep in mind that the Penile Enlargement process is more of an Art than a Science, meaning that when one desires to have a Penile Enlargement procedure, plan on having at least 2 treatments. After the first treatment two issues may come up, one being the obvious…wanting the next size increase in girth, and two, having to balance any asymmetric areas.

Considering that Dr. Loria relies upon his patients to follow certain protocols and massaging instructions, results may vary. Optimal results, in the far majority of patients, are achieved when protocol is strictly adhered to.

A special note must be made about the natural collagen that is formed from the stimulation of the filler material. First and foremost, it is your own natural living permanent collagen tissue, and like all natural living tissue, it will respond to stress.

The Penis, now enlarged by this production of collagen, will be subject to the stress of sexual intercourse, masturbation, etc. Over a long period of time, and if sexual activity is above average, there might be subtle shifts in the collagen material necessitating possible future symmetry enhancement treatments.

If the collagen is very thick, after having two or more Platinum treatments, the risk is far lower due to the increased amount of collagen volume, resulting in a much more stable collagen structure that is able to resist major forces and pressures.