Penile Natural Curvature Correction

Peyronie’s Disease 


There are two types of penile curvatures, natural and unnatural. Many men have natural penile curvatures and are most likely caused by a natural genetic variation. Curvatures that developed later in life have many causes.

Unnatural curvatures may be caused by a condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This disease causes a ‘plaque’ or scar tissue to develop in the penile shaft, causing not only a curvature, but a loss of penile shaft mass and length. It can be treated by surgical intervention (cutting directly into the scar plaque and causing a ‘release’, or by certain medications, either pills or injection therapy, which are not as effective as the surgical ‘release’ technique.

Consult your Urologist for an accurate diagnosis and recommended treatment of your penile curvature.


This is a diagram demonstrating the scar ‘plaque’ of Peyronie’s Disease’

Another cause for an unnatural curvature can result from a penile fracture. A penile fracture may occur during intercourse (especially when the woman is in the top position). A patient typically knows when this occurs because it is very painful, causes a lot of swelling, and results in a trip to the emergency room.

If a penile fracture is the diagnosis, the typical treatment is supportive, such as ice, anti-inflammatory medications, and pain killers. Penile fractures may heal completely without any changes in form or function, or may heal with a curvature and loss of some erectile size and function.

If one wishes to treat the loss of penile size or curvature, when conventional treatments fails, he may consider the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique. This is a minimally invasive permanent filler injection treatment. This treatment will not only enlarge the penile shaft (and glans if one prefers), but can provide some ‘straightening’ effects. This treatment is successful, however, it may take several procedures to reach a 50 percent correction (which would make the penis look much better).


The above two diagrams demonstrate a natural penile curvature and a diagram on how to surgically correct a curvature.