Penis Enlargement Treatment & Product Options

  • The only Non-Surgical Penile Enlargement method that actually works, and in a very significant way, is Penile Permanent Filler injections. This is a minimally invasive injection treatment. Please see LoriaMedical.com for more information.
  • Penile treatments and products for penile enlargement purposes, other than Permanent Filler injections, do not exist when it comes to actual and real penis enlargement.
  • All Penis Pumps and most if not all Lengthening devices on the market are NOT FDA Approved, and most if not all are illegal. It is not wise to use these devices, except under the guidance and supervision of a Physician. The reason for this is you can damage your penis with these devices.
  • Penis Enlargement Pills advertised as ‘Penis Enlargement Pills’ will NOT increase penis size. It is simple fraud.
  • Penis Pills for other purposes such as to:
  • Increase some blood flow into the penis resulting in a firmer erection may be available.
  • Increase the ejaculatory fluid volume may be available.
  • Penile creams will NOT increase penis size. What they may do is, if you have premature ejaculation, may numb the area to help to some limited degree.

Other Penile Issues – Treatment & Product options

  • Erectile Dysfunction had a variety of very effective treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others. If this treatment begins to fail, not firming the erection enough, then the next step is to consider either a Penile Injection or a Penile Suppository. The medication contained in these treatments are very similar but are delivered in two different ways. For those who do not mind a very small needle injection, then a low dose Bimix Injection is the first best option. If you do not want to inject, then here is a penile suppository option (the small pellet goes into the meatus or ‘pee hole’ of the penis) that can be used. If you choose the low does Bimix injection, and this begins to fail, you may combine this low dose Bimix with, for example, Cialis pills first before upping the dose of the Bimix. If adding the Cialis does little but not enough, then continue the Cialis and increase the Bimix dose. If the higher strengths of Bimix in combination with Cialis fail, then move onto Trimix. If this eventually fails, then you wil need to consider the Penile Implantable Pump. The Penile Implantable Pump has been a great success for many men, so do not be worried about it (so much). Yes, it is surgery, but well worth it. Just make sure you tell the doctor you do not want to lose your erect length…. The doctors who place these pumps in often place shorter ones and the patient’s lose erect length…so make sure you tell the Urologist that you do NOT WANT TO LOSE ERECT LENGTH……so he will need to measure you with accuracy.
  • Peyronie’s Disease is quite debilitating in most patients. There are two very good treatment options to consider. The first is, if you have a moderate to severe curvature it is best to get that treated/corrected first with a medication call Xiaflex. This will help straighten out the penile curvature. Then, when that is corrected, you can have Permanent Filler Treatment to recapture and surpass the girth you lost. Permanent Filler treatment is ideal for girth loss from Peyronie’s Disease. Please see more details on LoriaMedical.com website… look at the photo gallery and see the Peyronie’s patient results.
  • Penile Fracture and resulting penile girth loss. You can have Permanent Filler Treatment to recapture and surpass the girth you lost. Permanent Filler treatment is ideal for girth loss from penile fractures. Please see more details on LoriaMedical.com website.
  • Penile Cancer and Amputation: After the penis has been amputated and the skin flap with internal penile pump has been placed, Permanent Filler can be used to add ‘flesh’ or girth to the new structure. In addition, a penile glans ‘look’ (if the glans was removed) can be regained by using Permanent Filler in an ‘artistic’ way to shape the new skin flap at the end of the penis to make It look like a ‘glans’.
  • Dr. Loria will search for Non-Surgical Treatments and Products to assist in penile enlargement, penile erect firmness, premature ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, etc…and when a reasonable treatment product is available, it will be posted here.