5 Penis Types and How they Affect Sex

All stereotypes should be avoided, including those related to penis size. Men have no control over the physique they are born with, but there are penis types they might seek to achieve with male enhancement. A man should always keep in mind, though, that vaginas aren’t all the same, either. Size matters, but in what way it matters depends partly upon the woman’s vagina and personal preferences and partly on the position or technique used during sex. The following are five types of penises and how or why sex can be enjoyed with each. 

Interesting Sex Stats

Our sexual lives affect our overall happiness, our health, our marriages, and our relationships. You could enrich your sex life simply by studying sex. With some of the following statistics on sex, you may at least be entertained. 

Curvature of the Penis or Peyronie’s Disease

A curved penis of 10 degrees or less is natural and comfortable during sex, but an abnormal bend, known as Peyronie’s disease, causes painful erections. Peyronie’s disease occurs as a result of fibrous scar tissue underneath the skin of the penis, which causes a painful, significant bend. Most commonly, this serious condition affects men ages 40 to 60 and older.