Hair Non-Surgical

Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth Introduction

Hair loss prevention and regrowth should be a priority for men and women who are showing even the slightest signs of hair loss. Why does one lose hair? For the majority of men, it is Androgenic Alopecia (Alopecia or ‘hair loss’), also known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). This is genetic in nature and continued hair loss will take its course if treatment is not initiated. Anabolic Steroid abuse is the second leading cause for hair loss in men.

Female hair loss is a very different story. A more detailed investigation is needed to determine the cause of hair loss including, for example, Thyroid and Hormonal testing, anemia, mineral and vitamin imbalances, history of chemical exposure including chemotherapy, chronic infections, traumatic psychological or stressful events, etc. I will typically refer female patients losing hair to get a thorough examination by their Gynecologist, or Internist, and then the Dermatologist if needed for skin biopsy.

Men may also have certain medical disorders that can cause unnatural, or, non-Androgenic Alopecia, and as a precaution they should at least get a preventive wellness examine by their Internist yearly.

For the far majority of Men, and most Women, who are losing hair for whatever reason will benefit from Hair Loss Prevention and Regrowth measures. Of course, there is the surgical option of Hair Transplant Surgery (and in the near future, artificial hair implantation…see below), and should be considered if hair loss continues and all other treatments have been exhausted with unsatisfactory results.

A new type of hair loss treatment is on the horizon, and that is artificial Hair Implantation. Dr. Loria has patented a Hair Implant Device that has the potential to place nearly an unlimited amount of hair in any location of the body, including the scalp, chest, pubic area, etc. Dr. Loria is working on getting this Hair Implant Device FDA approved in the very near future. This Hair Implant, essentially, is artificial hair like strands that are placed into the skin in the desired areas of the body and are placed in at the very same depth as natural hair, or very superficial. If one has an interest on reading more about this Hair Implant patented device, and others that Dr. Loria has patented, please click here.

If you have been medically cleared and any and all medical/surgical corrective actions have taken place and you still need assistance in continued Hair Loss Prevention and/or desire to Regrow Hair, then Dr. Loria has certain recommendations for those men and women.

At Loria Hair Restoration (LHR℠) we are committed to delivering optimal results for our patients, whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical treatment option. We offer comprehensive care via consultation via In-Office or by phone, as well as periodic follow ups, to ensure that our patients’ expectations and goals have the best opportunity, the absolute best chances to be met.

Listed below are Non-Surgical Treatment Recommendations based on Basic, Moderate, and Aggressive levels of treatment.

LHR Hair Regrowth Recommendations Basic

In-Office Consultation $75

However, this cost may be waived after completion. In certain states, according to the laws that govern those states, consultation fee’s may be waived altogether. Communication is the key to achieving results in hair restoration. In order to ensure that the provider has a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s wants and needs, and conversely, that the patient has realistic expectations, a consult is the most important part of the relationship between the patient and the provider. At LHR, we take the time to review the patient’s medical history in great detail, discussing patient’s goals and expectations, as well as understanding the nature and progression of the patient’s hair loss. We use various imaging techniques to illustrate the degree of hair loss, as well as create a virtual hairline with our ARTAS Hair Studio, a state-of-the-art virtual imaging application. We explain in detail the procedure, risks and possible adjunct therapies, as well as answer any questions or concerns to the best of our abilities. The consult provides a way for the patient to develop a rapport with the provider and confidence in their competency.

Finasteride 1mg prescription for Men: $28/1 yr (Costco)

Finasteride is a 5A reductase inhibitor which blocks the conversion of Testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for a large majority of hair loss. Blocking the conversion of this hormone is integral to slowing the progression of hair loss in anyone experiencing Androgenic Alopecia. Studies have shown that only a very small dose is necessary to achieve its desired effect in terms of hair loss, which is why we recommend a 1mg pill once a day.

Finasteride 5mg prescription for Women: $46/1 yr (Costco)

Although not currently, FDA approved for use in post-menopausal women, studies have shown significant improvement in this population who are suffering from hair loss. Circulating androgens produced by the ovaries, adrenals and adipose tissue, produce Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) the hormonal by- product of Testosterone, which is responsible for hair loss.

Minoxidil (1) month supply $25 / (6) month supply at Costco $67.94

This is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication, often referred to by brand name, Rogaine, that is applied topically, in either a liquid or foam. When applied to the scalp, it penetrates the dermis, acting as a vasodilator widening blood vessels thus delivering nutrients and increasing oxygenation to the follicles. As a result, hairs that are in the Telogen phase (or resting phase) revert back to the Anagen phase (growth phase), increasing vitality and thickness of the hair shaft. Minoxidil is only recommended for areas in which follicles are present. It will not be effective on hairlines or other areas where follicle have completely terminated. In order to maintain these results, Minoxidil must be continued as long term therapy, or these hairs will revert back to their originally intended life cycle.


A la carte pricing: Shampoo $25 / Conditioner $25 / Elixir $25 Vitamins 30-day supply $60/ 90-day supply $120 Packages: (1) month bundle $130 / (3) month bundle $365 With over 25 years of research and development, and clinically proven results in 10 published trials, Viviscal Pro’s proprietary formulations, whose main ingredients consists of AminoMar Marine Complex, Apple Extract, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine, three ingredients not found in any other Viviscal products, have shown an 80% increase in terminal hairs after 6 months of using our system. This drug free formulation can address all of your hair care needs and is our premiere hair care line. Viviscal Pro is only available through licensed medical or beauty professionals.


A la carte pricing: Shampoo $24.99 / Conditioner $24.99 / Hair booster $34.99 / Scalp Treatment $34.99 / Vitamins $18 Package: (30) day supply $130.85 / (90) day supply $375 The HairMax system is gluten and dairy free, contains ingredients that fight follicle aging, and enrich the skin, hair and nails while protecting the existing hair from breakage. It is proven effective for thinning hair, as evaluated by the FDA, and is drug-free. Hair is made up of keratin (a type of protein) that promotes both hair development and hair growth. Hair strands typically “live” roughly 2 to 7 years in a follicle then falls out and the cycle begins again. Over time, as we age, the follicle becomes weaker and hair strength and texture changes. In some cases, this results in thinning hair or hair loss. The good news is that natural ingredients like vitamins, extracts, nutrients and minerals can help!


30-day supply of the Vitamins with Drug Free Foam is $99 90-day supply of the Vitamins with Drug Free Foam is $270 Votesse is a drug free, medical grade hair care system that provides both an internal and external solution to hair thinning and loss. Each vitamin is specifically formulated with either male or female proprietary blends, which constitute the unique factors that contributing to hair loss. In addition, Votesse’s clinical research has shown a direct correlation between gut health and hair thinning, which is why a special strain is added to the supplement. The system comes complete with a drug free topical foam to be used once or twice a day, which will help nourish and fortify the hair follicles.

LHR Hair Regrowth Recommendations Moderate

Basic Treatment plus the following:



Hair Max LaserComb Ulta 9 Classic – $199 Hair Max LaserComb Ulta 12 – $399


Hair Max LaserBand 41 Diode – $549 Hair Max LaserBand 82 Diode – $799

Laser Helmets:

Thermadome -$895 On-Line Cost / $795 In-Office Cost

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices for hair loss have been cleared by the FDA as a safe alternative or additional treatment of androgenic alopecia also known as male and female pattern baldness. By emitting red light delivered by any particular number of Diodes usually at a Wavelength of 680 nm, a coherent light clinical strength direct to the scalp, it stimulates blood flow, initiating faster wound healing, cellular proliferation, enhanced production of cytokines and other cellular mediators and other co factors in hair nutrition. As a result, patients will see a reduction of hair loss, a strengthening of existing hair, as well as a stimulation of hair growth.

Devices can be grouped into combs, bands, helmets or caps. The devices vary by number of diodes, as well as area of coverage.

LHR Hair Regrowth Recommendations Aggressive

Moderate Treatment plus the following:



$495 per Treatment for HT Sx Patient This includes PRP Treatment just prior to a Hair Transplant Surgery Up to 3 additional PRP Treatments at this rate for Post Hair Transplant Surgery Care.

$2,395 per 4- Tx Package (approx. $595) for Non-Hair Transplant Patients

$695 per Treatment a la cart for Non-Hair Transplant Patients

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a autologous liquid that is obtained by drawing a patient’s own blood, removing the red cells and concentrating the platelets. Platelets are tiny blood cells that play a crucial part in helping your body repair damaged blood vessels and cells. Once the red blood cells are separated from the plasma, it is then re-injected back into the scalp in order to fortify the hair follicles.

Injecting PRP into your scalp activates stem cells, forms new blood vessels, draws greater blood flow to the area, and strengthens all other cells in the microenvironment around your hair follicles. Inactive or weakened hair follicles convert back into an active growth phase, resulting in the strengthening of existing hair and ultimately new hair growth.

PRP works best when done in a series of 4 sessions, with maintenance every 6 months. It is also recommended as an adjunct procedure during an FUE.

Loria Hair Restoration Scalp Micropigmentation

WHAT IS SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION? Scalp micropigmentation is a fairly new non-surgical alternative to hair loss. With this procedure, the hair restoration specialist can create an excellent appearance of a full head of hair. It can make the illusion of having a shaved head simulating natural hair follicles.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION? Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent option for men and women with long or short thinning hair with a visible scalp, to cover any balding spot either the hairline, crown or all over the head.

Scalp micropigmentation is the ideal long-lasting solution to camouflage a scalp scar after having an accident or cosmetic surgery. It is also used on patients with autoimmune diseases (Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis), or a depleted donor area, that aren’t good candidates for a hair transplant.

THE LORIA’s SMP TECHNIQUE The Loria’s SMP technique is a very natural and innovative procedure perform by our hair restoration specialist. It consists of implanting a special ink pigment artistically distributed on a specific needed area of alopecia.

The Loria SMP techniques meticulously chooses the specific ink pigment to perfectly match your skin tone according to your hair color.

IS THE LORIA’S SMP TECHNIQUE PERMANENT? Many factors can cause the scalp micropigmentation to fade: • the depth of the microneedles into the skin (although the SMP is a minimally invasive procedure, our specialists utilizes detailed microneedles to apply the ink pigment into the skin. The less deep the ink pigment is deposited into the skin, the less time it will last. • Sun exposure (also known as sun bleaching), can accelerate the fading process. For that reason, it is advised to apply high SPF sunscreen to the scalp when in direct sun light). • Topical products rich in alcohol like Minoxidil should be avoided because of the high alcohol content will cause the ink pigment to fade. • The large size ink pigment particles (organic), can stay visible longer in the skin than the small size ink pigment particles (inorganic).

If you are interested in SMP, please contact us and set up an appointment for a consultation, so that we can determine whether or not SMP is right for you.


Dietary, Air, Water, and Skin Product Recommendations

What you eat plays a major role in your continued health and aging and potential disease process, perhaps more that your genetic predisposition.

In addition, Dr. Loria recommends to be aware of the Air you are breathing, and use air purifiers; The Water/liquids you are drinking, and use water purifiers; The Food you are eating, and select the best quality foods; and the Skin Products that you use, selecting the most natural products possible.

These are the routes that healthy and unhealthy substances enter the body…. Air into Lungs, Water/Food into intestines, Skin Products through Skin.

It is recommended to purify the Air in your home and office if possible. It is even more important to purify the Water that enters your home, and further purification of the drinking water at key locations (kitchen skin, refrigerator water/ice maker), in addition to bringing pure drinking water to work. Food selections should be the healthiest choices possible. Skin Products we use every day such as soap, creams, perfumes, clothing, etc., need to be limited in use and carefully selected as well…more details below:

Air Pollution is nearly everywhere. This is toxic to the body and causes cellular malfunction and death. It is best to filter the household air if possible, but more importantly, controlling what is sprayed in the home, especially the kitchen/bathroom cleaning chemicals. When these chemicals are sprayed, these areas now becomes one of the most toxic environments anywhere on Earth. When cleaning, keep windows open and allow for all to ‘air out’

Select Cleaning Products that are more natural and less toxic.

Water filtration is an absolute must. Loria recommends, at a minimum, a whole house Carbon Filter System and, in addition, water purifier units at key locations in the home such as the Kitchen sink and Refrigerator Ice/Water dispenser.

Whole House Carbon Purification systems will help remove impurities and VOC’s – Volatile Organic Carbons – from the water. This is especially important when one takes a hot shower, these chemicals, the VOC”s will release into the air and you will breath them in. Not Healthy.

Water Purification Units can be placed in key area of the home such as an under the sink counter Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. Another option would be a counter top Water Distiller Unit. There are over 150,000 registered chemicals used in industry, and the water Municipalities on monitor, at best, 100 or so. My guess is that if you checked your water for Valium, it would be in there.

Drinking Products are notorious for using ‘tap water’ or unfiltered water. When one purchases any drink from any bottle, make sure that the water ingredient says ‘distilled water’ (the best) or at least ‘filtered water’ (second best).

Plastic, Glass and Metal Bottles: Plastic is typically very hard, like glass, when it drys…so why are our plastic water bottles so ‘bendable’ and not really hard like glass? Plasticizers, or chemicals, are added to the plastic to ‘soften’ it … but here is the problem… the plasticizers act like and ‘estrogen’ hormone and will affect the body or all men and women causing a hormonal imbalance and negative health effects, such as chronic stimulation of the breast tissue of women and men (not healthy). Now, the best way to handle this is to either use only Glass bottles (the best, or Metal bottles (second best choice) or keep your favorite plastic bottle and keep drinking from it because eventually most of the plasticizer chemical will have been ingested … so now this ‘used’ plastic bottle becomes much safer to drink from.

Glass is the absolute best material to drink from, store food, etc.

Metal Bottles/containers are ok…. There can be a transfer of nickel and other elements, but it does not appear to be that significant.

This subject is the most difficult to take control of. Food has been so adulterated with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (all ‘cides’), in addition to harvesting inappropriately, changing soil composition to ‘increase product and profits’ not nutrition, and worst of all, genetic modifications to foods.

So, how do you deal with all of this? The primary way is to purchase the following:

Purchase Organic, Non-GMO, USDA Grade products….some Key Food Staples for your

Oatmeal with added Groats, Flax Seed, Almonds, and Cranberries, etc.

Eggs (yes Eggs) 1-2 times a week. The Brain is made of cholesterol and Organic Free Range Chicken Eggs have a very healthy form of cholesterol and is good for the Brain in addition to All Cells in the body.

Fruit and Vegetables

Meat, Chicken, Fish (NO Pork) – Ok… just be careful… Meat that is Organic will have the fat at its perimeter and easy to cut off, but Non-Organic Meats will be ‘laced’ with fat or the fat is integrated in with the meat and impossible to ‘cut off’. ……not a good form of fat and can cause cardiovascular disease and perhaps promote cancer. Chicken meat should be only from Organic Free-Range Chickens. Fish (Salmon, White Fish etc) -only from Northern Cold Waters (less pollution up there). No Tuna – too much mercury. Why no Pork? This Is an animal that eats everything and anything… and has certain types of ‘worm-like animals’ that live in its ‘Pork’ meat, so if the Pork is not cooked completely, you will not kill these creatures and they will grow in your body and burrow into your muscles and other organs causing illness.

Teas and Juicing. Teas have natural and healthy ‘pharmaceutic’ activity in the body. Juicing with a Nutri-Bullet type of blender… very healthy… learn more about Teas and how to Juice.

No Shell Fish – they have 70 times the normal Virus load than any other Fish. In addition, if you were to go out to the Gulf Coast you will notice that the Fishing Boats are all located at the same areas on the water… and do you know why? There are sewer tubes that dump the sewage through pipes that go far out into the Gulf… and that is exactly where the Shrimp, Lobster, Clams, etc., are feasting…and that is why the boats are there. In addition, for those who read the Bible, these types of Fish in addition to Pork, and other creatures, are not to be eater because they promote disease.

Fast Food and Eating Out should be kept at a minimum.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils – very toxic to the body and actually changes cellular structure and Dr. Loria believes this weakens cells and promotes organ malfunction and cancer.

High Fructose Corn Syrup – a process sugar that is very toxic to the body, increasing the risk of Pancreatic cancer, risk of Diabetes, and all sorts of issues.

Preservatives should be limited.

Soda and Artificial Drinks …keep to a minimum. Distilled water is best.

Fasting: I left the most effective and powerful and( most difficult thing to do) to not only promote health, but to also promote a longer life… and that is Fasting. Fasting is defined as not eating or drinking in the morning, afternoon, or evening until sleep. I modify this by adding the ingestion of Water, Coffee, or Tea. Dr. Loria has personally found that it is difficult enough to fast with the Water, Coffee and Tea, but extremely difficult without it… so the idea is to Fast and find the fortitude to complete the Fast 1-2 times a week. There are many ‘types’ and new ‘definitions of fasting, but Dr. Loria believes that a True Fast, eating and drinking nothing for 36 hours,  and the minimally modified Fast for 36 hours is near equivalent. Why is Fasting such a powerful health promoter and promotes long life? The research we have demonstrates that Fasting can increase health and years of life. Fasting causes Growth Hormone surges (in addition to a good night’s rest and power training exercises)… and this hormone, as described in the upcoming ‘Anti-Aging section, has a tremendous impact on organ and body health. There are other reasons as well, so you may want to purchase some reading materials on this subject.

Clothing is made mostly of materials that are generally synthetic and plastic in nature.

The best type of material to select when you purchase your clothing is natural cotton, and other natural fibers.

Years ago, when polyester plastic strands replaced cotton strands to make clothing, women’s underwear was made of this ‘plastic’ material… and what happened? Vaginal skin cancer increased dramatically. So, what does this teach us? Skin can be irritated and affected by what is touching it.

There are endless numbers of topical creams, chemicals, etc., that we place on our skin. As a rule of thumb, try to purchase a more natural type and use less of it when possible.


General Health (other)

Now, in addition to being aware of the potential bad chemicals entering the body, there are certain habits that would be helpful to adopt, and they are Basic Exercising and Proper Amount of Sleep. These healthy habits will not only be good for the general health of the body, but for each and every organ of the body, and the Hair Follicle is the smallest, and perhaps, one of the most sensitive/fragile organs of the body.

Basic Exercise recommendations: Walking 30-45 minutes daily, Elliptical 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week, Swimming 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Sleep 7-8 Hours a Day.

Low Stress – Remember what Jesus said, (paraphrasing)… all the worrying in the world cannot cause you to grow an inch… in other words, the act of worrying serves no function, provides no gains, and has no benefits.


Anti-Aging Medicine

Growth Hormone and Testosterone: Dr. Loria Highly recommends Men and Women over the age of 50 to consider Growth Hormone and Testosterone Therapy.


Mental and Spiritual Issues

We discussed the physical elements and how to avoid toxic chemicals that may enter the body, and some habits that will help keep you healthier, but we need to discuss the non-physical elements that affect us as well, equally if not more important according to Dr. Loria, the Mental Stress and the Spiritual State.

Mental Stress can certainly affect one’s life and health. Some people who are very stressed have been known to have Heart Attacks and die….so this is very real. So, let’s have a different approach towards stressful situations… for example, if you need more time to complete a certain project or task, give yourself more time; if you need more help on a certain project, get or ask for more help…. So, these simple solutions can eliminate most ‘stressful’ situations.

Spiritual Issues are the corner stone for understanding more about life, death, and earthly circumstances we may find ourselves in. Understanding and more information on these issues can be found in the Bible according to Dr. Loria.