Please note that the before and after photos were taken in our medical office. The scrotum before images demonstrate a moderate ‘baggy’ or ‘looseness’ to the scrotal skin with mild to moderate hang or suspension, which is the usual or typical appearance of his scrotum. The patient states that this drooping effect has been worsening over the years and is not desirable. Even though the patient had the penile shaft, penile glans, and scrotum treated at the same time, these images are mostly demonstrating the scrotum, not the penile shaft or penile glans. One scrotal permanent filler treatment was performed. The scrotum after photos demonstrate a more lifted, fuller, rounded, and expanded appearance, with no droopy scrotal skin look. The skin ‘feel’ is soft and natural. The patient has met his expectations and has no further plans on future procedures at this time.
Scrotal Enhancement 4 Loria Medical Male Enhancement Image

Scrotal Enhancement 4