The PLATINUM PROCEDURE is an acronym standing for, “Penile enlargement using a Collagen Layered Activation filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials PROCEDURE. This Cosmetic Minimally Invasive technique was developed by Dr. Loria. Dr. Loria has extensive experience in Cosmetic Surgical Filler Materials and has applied this knowledge to the Penile Organ for a much safer enlargement procedure. Dr. Loria decided to pursue the development of the PLATINUM PROCEDURE primarily because of the highly risky procedures that are available today – (Dr. Loria’s opinion).   The PLATINUM PROCEDURE involves ‘injecting’ or ‘inserting’ Facial Filler material into the Penis. This is done after the application of a topical gel/cream anesthetic. The procedure is more of an Art than a Science because artistic skill is needed to shape and sculpt the Penile shaft to the liking of the patient. There are significant differences between this PLATINUM PROCEDURE and all other very invasive surgical procedures available today. For example, the PLATINUM PROCEDURE involves NO General Anesthesia, NO Stitches/Sutures, NO Cutting with a Scalpel, NO High risks of Infection, Abscess formation, nerve or vessel damage, NO Silicone pieces inserted, NO Balloon insertion with pumps, etc. This procedure is far superior regarding risks of complications as compared to any type of major invasive surgical procedure, which involves actual cutting the Penis open, and the insertion of any device or pre-formed materials.