5-Reasons Not to go Under the ‘Knife’ for
Penis Enlargement…Patient Beware

Invasive Penis Enlargement Surgery simply involves risks that cannot be ignored.  Many men inquiry and query, “How to make my penis bigger” or query “How to increase penis length”. Yes, these questions are common; However, consider carefully when you choose your method of Penile Enlargement. Be informed regarding the Risks associated with each Procedure and Technique. Considering there are minimally invasive techniques available today, for example the Platinum Procedure, why would one consider any invasive or risky procedure? What are some of the reasons NOT to go under the ‘knife’ for a Penis Enlargement procedure?


When a Surgeon cuts into the Penis and performs a Penile Enlargement Surgery, it is no small task nor is there minimal exposure of the insides of the Penis – it is all opened up. Think of open heart surgery…to get to the heart one must, with a cutting tool, open the chest cavity to visualize the Heart. Well, it is the same with the Penis. Most if not all of it needs to be exposed to fit in a Silicone  Implant, Dermal Implant, Expandable Balloons, or the like, etc., into it. Considering that there are millions of bacteria just hovering in the air, not to mention the bacteria and viruses on the instruments and Surgeon’s gloves,  (which constantly touching the surgical area – the Penis) – all of this may cause an infection. If an infection were to occur, typically antibiotics are given. But if a severe infection were to occur, for example, Abscess formation, cutting into the Penis again may be necessary to clean out the infected area.


The Potential for Large Scar Formation is also another possibility to contend with if you choose an invasive penile surgery procedure.  You may inquire ‘how to make my penis bigger’ and if you choose to undergo an invasive penis surgery procedure, the scar that forms may cause problems you are not aware of. Any time the skin is cut with a scalpel, it will result in a scar. The question is, how large or wide will the scar be?  Another important question is, will this scar tissue cause a malformation or deformity of the penis and, in addition, interfere with a normal erection? For example, the result might very well be a shorter Penis due to scar contraction and complications. Even in the best Surgeon’s hands, no one can predict how wide a patient’s scar will be or its effects upon the Penile tissue. It is simply impossible to predict because there are too many variables and factors involved such as:

  • The Patient’s healing ability, which, if a genetic alteration is present, a hypertrophic or keloid scar may develop resulting in very large and elevated scar formation.
  • The amount of trauma inflicted upon the wound edges of the Penile skin during the surgical procedure will, in most if not all cases, result in wider and deeper scar formation.
  • The stitching of the skin by the Surgeon, if not done properly, can result in a wider scar.
  • The amount of bacteria in the cut itself which can cause widening of a scar.
  • The tension on the suture or stitch line…if the tension is high there is an increased chance of a wide scar to form.
  • The quantity and quality of scar formation and what that scar may inadvertently attach to, potentially causing pain, penile curvature, penile shorting, and other disturbances.

All of these factors must be taken into consideration when choosing which procedure one undergoes. The aforementioned potential causes of scar complications, most of which are unpredictable and vary from Surgeon to Surgeon, can simply be eliminated by selecting or choosing a minimally invasive penile enhancement procedure such as the PLATINUM Procedure.


What about the Potential for Penile Nerve and Vessel Damage? When one inquires about how to increase penis length, a very common procedure might be recommended which is cutting the penile suspensory ligament. In many cases it does not increase penis length, and in some cases can cause penile shortening or contraction, and in some uncommon cases severe nerve and vessel damage. Any time surgery is performed there is always the risk of inadvertently cutting nerves and blood vessels. If this were to occur while performing penile surgery, the outcome could be disastrous. Permanent nerve damage causing no sensation to the Penis would be quite distressing to the Patient. If a major blood vessel were severed, emergency vascular surgery would need to be performed – and this carries the risk of penile amputation.


Another very serious risk that is often overlooked is the Potential for General Anesthesia Complications. General Anesthesia is not a benign procedure. It carries numerous risks such as cardiovascular collapse and death. Even though this is uncommon, it is, in my opinion, an unnecessary risk to take. Considering the minimally invasive techniques available today for penile enhancement, there is no reason to undergo this unnecessary risk of general anesthesia. In addition, there are very topical and local anesthetic techniques that are quite effective which allows minimally invasive techniques such as the Platinum Procedure or any minimally invasive Penile Enlargement technique to be performed.


Last but certainly not least is the Potential for an Unnatural Feel with an Implant or Liposuction transfer. Any implant carries with it a certain shape and some mobility of that implant within the penile tissue. For these reasons, shifting of that implant and an unnatural feel could be the result. Liposuction fat transfer is another technique used to increase the girth of the Penis. Beware of this procedure. It often results in a lumpy and uneven appearance. It also can have a ‘squishy’ feel to it. When the Penis is erect, the Fat Tissue that is deposited will not have a ‘hard’ consistency, giving a very unnatural feel to the Penis while in the erect state.

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