Fear – Failure or Success?

Sunday, Jan 20th 2013
Why are you researching? What are your fears? Are you wrestling with fear of failure, ie: small size, erectile dysfunction, curved penis? Or fear of success, ie: getting your problems resolved and still feeling a failure?

Bald below the belt?

Saturday, Jan 19th 2013
It seems as if we are overwhelmed with information about “male-pattern baldness” and it’s various solutions. But how often do we hear about baldness below the belt?

Peyronie’s Disease: Setting the Curve?

Friday, Jan 18th 2013
Have you gone from straight as an arrow to setting the curve?  Perhaps you’ve developed  Peyronie’s Disease aka Curvature of the Penis.  Peyronie’s Disease is caused by scar tissue  along the length of the penile shaft causing a curve or bend to the penis.  This can result in a painful erection, a s

Erection Deflation: Let me Count Thy Ways…

Monday, Dec 31st 2012
Feeling blue? Having a beer with the buddies more nights than not? There are multitudes of reasons that ED can be affecting your bedtime routine with your significant other. There isn't a single case of ED that is the same.

In Pain? Can the Use of Painkillers Worsen Your ED?

Saturday, Dec 29th 2012
Aches, pains…? Everyone, especially when it comes to those of us in the “aging” population, experiences pain from time to time. But using painkillers can be detrimental in more ways than you might think.

Anxiety about More than Just Performance?

Thursday, Dec 27th 2012
Is there more than just performance issues keeping you up at night? Sometimes what we read on and off line and what is really going on with our bodies can be confusing.

Underlying Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Sunday, Dec 23rd 2012
Erectile Dysfunction is not simply due to advancing age. While it's most common among men over 40, there are several factors that lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Making over your Manhood?

Thursday, Dec 20th 2012
Although there are many options for penile enlargement available in the US and abroad, the surgical approach continues to rise to the top for men who are experiencing problems both in and out of the bedroom.

Obesity and Penis Size

Tuesday, Dec 18th 2012
Obesity.Weight loss. These are two topics that graze American men and women’s minds on an almost constant basis. But this “problem” of obesity can make a man feel “inadequate” when it comes to the size of their penis.

What is Artefill?

Friday, Dec 14th 2012
Dr. Lorias' minimally invasive PLATINUM Procedure for Penis Enlargement, may use Artefill as one of the enlargement substances. Dr. Loria uses a proprietary mixture of fillers he personally developed. So what is Artefill exactly?