Is bigger better?

Tuesday, Feb 19th 2013
Is bigger better?  I suppose that depends on what it is, but the majority opinion certainly seems in favor of bigger in most areas of life.  A bigger house signifies wealth, as does a big luxury car though a small expensive Italian sports car would do the same.  We supersize our fast food combo meal

Cosmetic surgery for Men?

Monday, Feb 18th 2013
Cosmetic surgery had become extremely popular these days.  Face lifts, nose jobs and the like were not things that woman did and talked about in the open.  Men did not even consider cosmetic surgery as far as common knowledge was concerned.  Now “having work done” even seems to be a rite of passage

Penis Enlargement Options

Saturday, Feb 16th 2013
Have you been self-conscious about your penis all your life?  Maybe you have come to the conclusion that it is time to rid yourself of your discomfort by getting your penis enlarged.  Do a search on any search engine on your computer and you will find countless methods for penis enlargement.  Maybe

Keeping fit can keep your sex life hot

Thursday, Feb 14th 2013
On a recent blog post we discussed how keeping fit can keep your sex life hot.  We also discussed some exercises that would accomplish just that.  So today let’s talk about the ladies.  If fitness improves a man’s sex life, then it would certainly help if your woman is fit as well.

Does that special someone wish for more?

Saturday, Feb 09th 2013
Does your special someone, your love-making partner, wish for more when it comes to the size of your penis?  Let’s say that you have never been concerned about the size of your penis.  You have always felt your equipment was quite adequate, no Long John, but who needs all that anyway?  You’ve never

Flaccid vs. Erect

Thursday, Feb 07th 2013
So you’re concerned about the size of your penis?  But are you concerned with its’ flaccid size, or its’erect size?  Is there a relationship between flaccid and erect size?  The website statesthat“neither pati

Sat. Fat & Sperm Count

Tuesday, Feb 05th 2013
If you and your spouse are trying to get pregnant and failing, the latest Danish study may have the answer to your problem.  A report appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition “found that young Danish men who ate the most saturated fats had a 38 percent lower concentration of sperm, an

It’s not the meat, it’s the motion

Sunday, Feb 03rd 2013
Is that true, or does size really matter?  I guess if you’re the guy with the 9” penis everyone sneaks looks at in the locker room you don’t care.   But if you’re the guy that dreads the urinals never mind a public shower, then size matters a lot!

Low T or something else

Friday, Feb 01st 2013
As if aging isn’t bad enough, men now have to contend with a condition called Low T which means your testosterone levels are low.  Testosterone affects many areas of our lives.  If you’re feeling tired, lacking libido, having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection,  your  doctor an measure you

It’s about time!

Wednesday, Jan 30th 2013
Reading a web article on Men’s Sexual Health it occurred to me that our issues have recently become popular in the media. I believe there may be as many commercials for ED and male enhancement as there are for feminine hygiene products.