The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently conducted a new study regarding women and how they feel about penis size.  300 women were questioned about how often they had sex, how frequently they had orgasms and whether they experienced vaginal and/or clitoral orgasms.  And of course they were asked if penis size was a factor in their orgasms. Of the 300 women who participated in the study, 160 stated that they often experienced vaginal only orgasms.  All of the 160 felt that penis size was a factor, stating that they preferred longer than normal penis size.  The average used for purposes of the study was 5.8 – 6.1 inches erect. If you are one of those men who are smaller than average, don’t despair.  There is much you can do with foreplay and variety which can go a long way toward satisfying your woman. You can get some good tips about foreplay from www.menshealth.com/the-truth-about-penis-size.  They also illustrate a couple of positions; The Flatiron and Cow Girl, which enhance depth of penetration. Another option is to get Penile Enhancement.  If you are considering this, please be sure to visit our website at https://www.loriamedical.com.  There you can learn about our minimally invasive PLATINUM Procedure.  It has none of the risks associated with surgery and you can see the successful results at our website.