When considering penis size, the most important measurement is girth, also known as width.  I know that most guys focus on the length of their penis.  Don’t we all wish we were the porn star with the 12” penis?  Well, maybe 9” would work, but you get the idea.  The thing is, no vagina is that long, so what do we do with all that length anyway? Now let’s consider penile width.  During intercourse the more surface area contact there is, the more exciting signals are sent to the nerves. So a wider penis resulting in a snugger fit causes the penis and the vagina to have contact all the way around.  This makes for a more pleasurable experience.  An interesting fact about the vagina is that the first 1/3 of the canal has the majority of nerve endings which again argues for width rather than length. Average erect penile girth or width is 4.67” – 4.97” measured at mid-shaft.  If your penis width is less than average there are different lovemaking techniques you can try for more contact, such as using a circular motion or different entry angles.  If you still want a wider penis, visit this website https://www.loriamedical.com.  There you will learn what The PLATINUM Procedure can do for you!