When it comes to the confidence of men, there are a few main areas that usually have a major effect. They are: Hair, Height, & Penis Size Fortunately, two of the three can be addressed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Since everyone’s hair is constantly and easily visible, this area is not subject to uncertainty. Those who have thinning hair know it because they see other men with a full head of hair. The penis is another story, but regardless Dr. Loria has a minimally invasive procedure for both. Not only does Dr. Loria have the PLATINUM Procedure for Penis Enlargement, Dr. Loria is also a Hair Transplant Surgeon who has pioneered the highly-effective LEXUS FUE Procedure, which is an acronym standing for, Loria’s EXcisional Unidirectional Stereoscopically guided Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure. If you are considering boosting your confidence in either department, give us a call.