What is a perfect penis?  Does one exist?  And what are the criteria? A penis can be considered for its appearance or its function.  When considering appearance, size may possibly be the factor considered most.  The measurement of the average penis varies from website to website. According to Askmen.com, the average penis measures 3.5” – 3.7” long when flaccid and 5.0” – 5.7” long when erect.  The average width or girth when flaccid is 3.3” – 3.5” and 3.9” – 4.1” when erect.  So now it’s a matter of deciding if average is what you consider perfect. The penis has a number of functions.  It’s the vessel through which our body rids itself of liquid waste.  It’s a sexual organ that gives us much pleasure when used in that way.  It is also the way we contribute our sperm to the conception process.  As we go through life, there are bound to be times when we have penis dysfunction of one form or another.  In this case, dysfunction would certainly be less than perfect. I feel that a perfect penis is one that works!  If it also fits within the parameters of an average sized penis, also perfect!  If yours is not functioning properly, contact your doctor without delay.  And if you are less than average size-wise and unhappy with what you have, visit this website as soon as you can!  https://www.loriamedical.com.  There you can learn about a minimally invasive method of Penile Enhancement.