Have you been self-conscious about your penis all your life?  Maybe you have come to the conclusion that it is time to rid yourself of your discomfort by getting your penis enlarged.  Do a search on any search engine on your computer and you will find countless methods for penis enlargement.  Maybe you have even tried some of the over the counter and herbal medications that are advertised on late night TV, or some of the exercises you can find on the internet, with results that were less than you were hoping for. There are several surgical solutions for enlarging the penis.  One involves severing the suspensory ligament, another involves skin grafting, while a third is accomplished through fat injections of fat that has been harvested from another part of your body.  As these are surgical methods, general anesthesia is required.  As you know, surgery and general anesthesia carry a number of risks. Here is the good news!  There is a non-surgical method of Penis Enlargement developed by Dr. Victor Loria.  It’s called the PLATINUM Procedure.  As a non-surgical technique, there are none of the risks associated with surgery and does not require general anesthesia.