A study conducted by the University of Colorado Cancer Center reported that low testosterone level is a common side effect of men treated with Crizotinib which is a recently approved lung cancer agent as well as hemorrhoids.  This week the journal “Cancer” published a new study confirming these findings.  This new study not only confirms the findings in a multi-national sample, but it details the mechanism of reduced testosterone levels and provides preliminary evidence that widely available Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) can help alleviate the side effects in many patients. Confirmation of the low testosterone side effect was due to collaboration between multiple centers.  Researchers from the U.S., Hong Kong, the U.K., and Italy were involved in the study.  Results found that 84% of men treated with Crizotinib for lung cancer had lower than normal levels of testosterone.  80% of those affected had associated symptoms such as depression or sexual dysfunction. Crizotinib went through a lightning-fast approval process at the FDA which is perhaps why this side effect was overlooked.  Because of the study results, doctors now know to specifically look for and ask about symptoms of lot testosterone ion their male patients. Low testosterone levels can also be a simple result of aging.  Check with your doctor if you suspect this may be a problem for you.  Also visit our website for information on Low T, Penis enlargement and other male health problems.  https://www.loriamedical.com