On a recent blog post we discussed how keeping fit can keep your sex life hot.  We also discussed some exercises that would accomplish just that.  So today let’s talk about the ladies.  If fitness improves a man’s sex life, then it would certainly help if your woman is fit as well. There are any number of exercises women can do to get fit, but how about sex positions that double as exercise for her?  How great is that, work on your sex life and your partner’s fitness by having sex? All sex positions, such as the missionary position, will act to work and strengthen your women’s core.  In addition, doggy style works quads (front of leg) and glutes (butt) while cowgirl and lotus positions also work the glutes.  Standing works the arms and legs as well as the core and scissors position will exercise her inner thighs.  Bridge gets the whole body, arch gets the glutes and thighs and lunge works the quads, hamstrings (back of leg), and glutes.  For more detailed information, visit this website www.fitnessmagazine.com. Now that you’re both fit, maybe you feel like a little something is still missing and that something is a bigger penis.  If so, then read about the PLATINUM Procedure which is a non-surgical method of Penis enlargement https://www.loriamedical.com.