Feeling blue? Having a beer with the buddies more nights than not? There are multitudes of reasons that ED can be affecting your bedtime routine with your significant other. There isn’t a single case of ED that is the same. Just like there isn’t a single man that is the exact same as the next. Treating your ED should be treated the same as the above sentiment. Asking your buddy how he “fixed” his problem isn’t always going to be the solution you need. Getting to the bottom of your problem is the best way to get started. WebMD has an informative slideshow of “problems” that affect men and their normal day-to-day function in the bedroom. If you don’t see a “reason” for your ED on this slideshow or if the reasons you feel your ED is here to stay and there isn’t a clear solution available, please contact our office for a consultation and to see if our services might be the solution you’re looking for. http://www.penisenlargementus.com