Guys, here is an interesting bit of news.  Some women really care about the size of your penis!  It’s true, they really  do.  The majority of women care more about what you do with it, and your hands and mouth for that matter.  How you treat her, if you care about her sexual satisfaction, these things matter the most.  However, there are some, if not many, who do care about size and the resulting increase in orgasm frequency and intensity. According to the website hookingupsmart.com, “comparing flaccid penises is deceptive and stupid.”  Most women look at a limp penis as what we use for urination.  They notice it as a sexual organ when it’s erect.  There are “growers” and “show-ers” meaning that a small flaccid penis often grows much more when erect than a larger flaccid penis does. Knowing this, you may still not be comfortable with the size of your penis.  Well, guess what?  You can change that!  There are many methods of Penile Enhancement available to you and one in particular you should check out. It’s a minimally invasive technique called The PLATINUM Procedure.