Cosmetic surgery had become extremely popular these days.  Face lifts, nose jobs and the like were not things that woman did and talked about in the open.  Men did not even consider cosmetic surgery as far as common knowledge was concerned.  Now “having work done” even seems to be a rite of passage in certain circles.  And several famous men, including Kenny Rogers, are open about having had a face lift.  Cosmetic surgery is so common now that there are even TV commercials about it. Cosmetic surgery can correct more than just the face.  Between liposuction, lifts, and tucks, most of the human body can be made to look younger.  Cosmetic surgery can also correct cleft palates and help scars to look much better as in the case of burns.  Finally cosmetic surgery can help with genital issues such as vaginal rejuvenation for women and penis enlargement for men. If you’re a man that has decided to get your penis enlarged, there is a non-surgical technique available which carries none of the risks associated with surgery.