Is bigger better?  I suppose that depends on what it is, but the majority opinion certainly seems in favor of bigger in most areas of life.  A bigger house signifies wealth, as does a big luxury car though a small expensive Italian sports car would do the same.  We supersize our fast food combo meals and choose the restaurants that serve the biggest portions.  A big dog is a “dog”; a small lap dog is a fashion accessory.  A 55” flat screen HD TV is much preferred to the 32” model.  A big man is strong; a small man is wimpy. How many times have you heard the statement that good things come in small packages?  It seems like a lot of the time you hear it that it’s an excuse for something not being bigger.  You may say the exception is the jewelry box, but even then the bigger diamond or other gemstone is preferred to the smaller one.  A big nose isn’t necessarily prized, but large breasts seem to be, hence the popularity of breast augmentation surgery.  And a big penis is definitely preferred to a small one! Do you have a small penis you wish was bigger?  If you do, there are a number of options to enlarge it; pills, lotions, pumps, exercises, various surgeries and the PLATINUM Procedure.  The PLATINUM Procedure was developed by Dr. Loris as an alternative to penile enhancement surgeries requiring general anesthesia.  There are many benefits with this procedure and none of the risks generally associated with traditional surgery and general anesthesia.  For more information visit https://www.loriamedical.com