New Treatment for BPH

Friday, May 10th 2013
BPH is an acronym which stands for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.  This basically means enlarged prostate.  This is a condition which affects a majority of men as they age.  The main complaint of these men is the frequent night-time trips to the bathroom to urinate.

Women and Penis Size

Thursday, May 09th 2013
The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently conducted a new study regarding women and how they feel about penis size.  300 women were questioned about how often they had sex, how frequently they had orgasms and whether they experienced vaginal and/or clitoral orgasms.  And of course they were asked if p

Perfect Penis

Wednesday, May 08th 2013
What is a perfect penis?  Does one exist?  And what are the criteria?

Lung Cancer Drug and Low-T

Monday, May 06th 2013

A study conducted by the University of Colorado Cancer Center reported that low testosterone level is a common side effect of men treated with Crizotinib which is a recently approved lung cancer agent as well as hemorrhoids.  This week the journal “Ca

The Inside Story

Sunday, May 05th 2013
Men, we have an amazing dual purpose organ known as the Penis.  We use it for removal of liquid body waste as well as a vehicle for pleasure and procreation.  But do we know what’s inside?

Random Sex Facts (in no particular order)

Saturday, May 04th 2013
While researching material to write about this week, I came across numerous sites with random sex facts.  They are all extremely interesting so I thought I would share some with you.  They are as follows and in no particular order:

Women like Large Penises!

Friday, May 03rd 2013
Huff Post Science printed an article the other day regarding the findings of a new study.  Women rate men with large penises more attractive than those with smaller penises.  However, the “right” size penis depends on the rest of your body’s proportions.  Larger penises give taller men a bigger boos

Teen Boys and Penis Size

Wednesday, May 01st 2013
The teenage years are tough for everybody.  Between puberty and hormones, middle and high school, classes and grades, and figuring out where you fit in socially, self-esteem can become an issue.  Body development through puberty can be a problem for both genders, but for boys penis size can be a big

Get Ready for the Beach!

Monday, Apr 29th 2013
Time flies when you’re having fun!  Spring is already here and summer is just around the corner.  There is no better time than the present to start getting your body ready for the beach.  Here are 10 exercises you can do to get in shape:

ED and Diabetes

Saturday, Apr 27th 2013
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is very common in men with Diabetes.  There are several reasons for this.  One has to do with the problems caused by poor long-term blood sugar management.  Erection depends on nerves and blood vessels which can be damaged if blood sugar is not kept under control.  ED is al