5 Penis Types and How they Affect Sex

Monday, Sep 10th 2018

All stereotypes should be avoided, including those related to penis size. Men have no control over the physique they are born with, but there are penis types they might seek to achieve with male enhancement. A man should always keep in mind, though, that vaginas aren’t all the same, either.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Penile Erect Lengthening

Friday, Sep 07th 2018

The average length of a penis 5 to 6 inches, but many men would lengthen their erect state, if given an option. There are various treatments used for penis enlargement, and among them are penis enlargement surgery and penile erect lengthening. Learn more about these treatments below.

Interesting Sex Stats

Monday, Sep 03rd 2018

Our sexual lives affect our overall happiness, our health, our marriages, and our relationships. You could enrich your sex life simply by studying sex. With some of the following statistics on sex, you may at least be entertained. 

5 Embarrassing Penis Questions Answered

Friday, Aug 31st 2018

Men are often too embarrassed about sexual issues to ask for help, as though such requests are a poor reflection on manhood. The contrary is true. By seeking answers, you are opening the door for possible solutions. The following are some of the most common “embarrassing” penis questions:

Curvature of the Penis or Peyronie’s Disease

Monday, Aug 27th 2018

A curved penis of 10 degrees or less is natural and comfortable during sex, but an abnormal bend, known as Peyronie’s disease, causes painful erections. Peyronie’s disease occurs as a result of fibrous scar tissue underneath the skin of the penis, which causes a painful, significant bend.

Best Sex Positions for Every Penis Size

Friday, Aug 24th 2018

Contrary to widespread belief, the size of a man’s penis does not determine the quality of sex, particularly when it comes to certain positions or maneuvers. It should be noted that any man can choose to be masterful at foreplay, increasing a woman’s level of enjoyment during sex.

What is Scrotal Enhancement?

Monday, Aug 20th 2018

In this day and age we can enhance almost every feature on our body that we are not happy with. While many have heard of penis enlargements, breast enhancements, and vaginal rejuvenations, the world is still in the dark when it comes to scrotal enhancement.

Ways to Make Sex Fun Again

Friday, Aug 17th 2018

Sex is supposed to be fun. However, life can sometimes catch up with you and at times, pleasure can take a backseat. Heck, sex can even begin to seem more like...a chore. Sometimes your sex life needs a little extra boost to make it as fun as it used to be, if not better.

How to Last Longer in Bed

Monday, Aug 13th 2018

They say that you can have too much of a good thing. There is no denying that sex is a good thing, but sometimes men can finish too quickly when they have sex.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Male Sex Drive

Friday, Aug 10th 2018

The male sex drive is a topic that needs more conversations. A man’s masculinity and self worth can be intimately tied to their sexual prowess. The male stereotype has created a tendency for men suffer in silence rather than seek help.